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¡Oops! Us, humans have dried up the oceans. Nothing surprising. However, there's still a bit of life wanting to make its way into these wastelands.

Not satisfied with simply eating, sleeping and avoiding being eaten, this hybrid of cetacean and person moves heaven, earth, (and the sea that hardly remains) to give a proper education to a generation of humans born from this post-apocalyptic world. However, the fish that were left homeless due to the ineptitude of our ancestors are not amused that our bulky dolphin is educating the same race that was once in charge of drying up the planet.

Your goal will be to keep the classroom standing for as long as you can. Getting to know your students better between class and class, thus unlocking new notes in your notebook and furniture in your shelter.

Dry School is an infinite-arena type of game, where your objective will be to survive as long as possible by rearranging the desks and shooting gallons of water at the enemies so that they stop trying to attack you or your students.

There are furniture and collectible lore pages that you can get by reaching different goals.



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It looks kinda cute!

Thanks! <3

Hey guys! This is the first game I make, I'll be happy to hear your opinions and thanks for the support!